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Spiritual "Secrets" Behind Broom That You Must Know

Traditionally the broom or besom was used as a tool of spiritual cleansing and protection in folk magic. The broom has become an icon of the witch, as well as the symbol of cleansing itself.

According to popular belief brooms could ruin any chance of a future wedding or the bond with the community.

The broom of the unmarried girls has a special place in songs and popular poetry. The girls use it to “sweep the flat yard” so they can welcome their beloved who will bring the in-laws to the house, or who is coming to take her away to elope with him.

Girls must not fight using a broom or else they will remain single, so that was something strictly forbidden.

Another thing not to be done was to walk around someone, broom in hand, or sweep the ground around them – people will come to hate them. If that was done to an unmarried girl, the boys would speak ill of her and she would never marry. One more thing never to be done – leap over a broom;

An old omen is that if a broom should fall unexpectedly company will arrive soon. Some traditions tell us to turn a broom upside down with the bristles facing up when we want a guest to leave.

Brooms are mentioned in a number of proverbs, but there is one that is particularly popular: A new broom sweeps as clean as a whistle, but an old broom knows all the corners

Another powerful form of protection was to lay the broom across the threshold of your home when you were away, as it created a barrier, which unwanted harm could not cross.

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