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Look Stunning Always As You Allow These Special Traditional 'Kente' Outfits Improve Your Impression

As I always say, being a Ghanaian is a great privilege everybody who gets the opportunity should hold on tight and cherish it so much. We have great and interesting cultures in this country. As it stands, our Ghanaian culture includes our unique way of dressing. There are so many different tribes that have come together to form one person, and each tribe has a unique handwoven fabric.

The 'kente' as we call it in our local dialect Is one of the Akan's favorites and other tribes have also grown to love it. To be truthful, it is my favorite too. I love it because it makes me look special and expensive. You should try these 'Kente' out too.

Now let's talk about the kente colors; there so many colors we can see when we pick a kente fabric. Some of these colors are red, yellow, blue, green, white, maroon, etc.

As we all know the color Green represents life. In this case, green means development, harvest, and regeneration.

The yellow present in kente represents Ghana's wealth and royalty which have always been in existence since the time Ghana was called 'Gold Coast'.

The white also embodies innocence, purity, sanctifying traditions, and festive happenings

Also, the red color is attributed to blood, shedding of blood, sacrificial ceremonies, a sense of sincerity, willingness for a significant spiritual or political rivalry, and all the seriousness that comes with the color. 

Maroon symbolizes Mother Earth, healing, protection against evil spirits, and every bad omen.

These strips of black you see in the center below represent spiritual stability and maturity.

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