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Ewe Facts: Untold Story about the Famous HOGBETSOTSO Festival of the Anlo people.

THE HOGBETSOTSO is an indigenous event held by the chiefs and people of Anlo, which is located in Ghana's Volta region in the south-eastern section of the Eweland.

This celebration is held yearly on the first Saturday of November at Anloga, our spiritual home, chief city, and soul of the Anlo state, to commemorate our fourteenth-century escape from Notsie to our current habitation.

The festival brings together a large number of Anlo state natives from both home and abroad to commemorate a momentous occasion in our history, while we settle disputes and engage in other activities.

The durbar day features a grand procession of chiefs paying homage to our Awormefia (Paramount Chief) amidst a colorful display of memories of the legendary exodus and heroic acts of the men of valor and mystical powers who liberated them from the tyrant king Agorkorli's rule, accompanied by resounding agbadza music and dance.

The Anlo people are one of Ghana's largest ethnic groupings, with Anloga as the traditional capital town and other significant towns include Keta, Kedzi, Vodza, Dzelukope, Tegbi, Dzita, Abor, Afiadenyigba and many other towns located along the magnificent coastal strip or across the Keta lagoon.


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