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I Have Been Through A Lot In My Life - Dr. McNoel

Life always has a way of testing us every day and every night. When someone gets something he or she has wished for so much in life, the person always wants to make his experiences known to the world for us to be aware and also understand how it feels like to make it in life after long years of suffering. Being a student and at the same time being someone who goes about selling shoes and clothing is not an easy thing to do at all. You need to be very caught up and resolute in mind to make it because some people behind your back might just be giving you fake love or even be planning evil against you.

This gentleman McNoel is a very fine young man who has really been through a lot in his life. He has been staying in Accra, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. He schooled over there too. Those days while he was back in school in the Presbyterian Boys' Secondary school, he mentioned that life had never been easy for him.

He says that we should always give thanks to God for His love since he says that is what has kept him through the years. Reminiscing back in the days in Senior High school, he mentioned that there are some days that he would go and sleep without food if he didn't get to go to the dining hall to eat. He used to spend long hours learning. Through his hard work, he devised a plan to never go through such an ordeal.

After School, he began to sell sneakers and shirts for both boys and girls. He did this and that has helped him to rise through the hard times and now he is living comfortably. He is currently a medical student and soon an incoming Medical Doctor and his lifestyle, enduring spirit and above all his motivation is what is helping him now. Currently, he owns a small company that sells shoes known as Footwear Rack.

His advice to some of us going through hard times is to stay calm and go through the hard times diligently since nothing is permanent.

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