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Times Really Change So Work Hard And Be Humble - Boatemaa Emmanuella

The world that we live in has the ability to change overtime. Situations change to become opportunities and vice versa. As a person living in our world now, you have the opportunity to shape your own life little by little. Everyday, we try our best to do things in the best of ways so we do not encounter any problems in our lives. But as a person bad times are bound to poke their noses and spoil plans. We sometimes feel life may be unfair but some things are just inevitable. We have to try as much as possible to grab all opportunities that come our way with full diligence and vigor.

In this life, helpers may come but they have their role to play in our lives. They are not to do everything for us which will make us lazy or not ready to face the world. We are to be strong, truthful, trustworthy and above all humble. These virtues are things that will help us to shoot up. Many say the rich are not humble and that they are rude sometimes. It may not be so for all but usually we place all of them in one group and say they are all the same.

One beautiful upcoming nurse known as Boatemaa Emmanuella is one example of the rich who are considered rude. This pretty lady is one diligent lady who gets things done well within a twinkle of an eye. She always advices that we should work hard. She is a young lady of 19years but has experienced a lot in life before getting to her current height.

She is currently in level 200 in the Nursing School of The University Of Health And Allied Sciences. She mentioned that at first, life was not easy and that she had to work hard for about a year in a renowned restaurant in Accra.

That was where she met a lot of people. She mentioned that the way she worked really intrigued a lot of people who came around and she won the hearts of most people who came around. That was where she even got to hear of her current school.

She is still in school and states clearly that we should all work hard and be humble at all times.

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