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Spiritual Wonders And Secrets Of The Cassava Plant No Herbalist Will Share With You. [Part I]

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Cassava plant is a vegetable which is enjoyed by people from all over the world from a delicate to a heavy dish and is mainly enjoyed by Africans in the Western and Eastern belt.

It is enjoyed by the Europeans as tapioca and the blacks enjoy it in different forms such as fufu by Ghanaian's and eba by Nigerians.

Many people are aware of the physical benefits of cassava which is really essential to the body but a few are aware of the spiritual benefits of the cassava plant and it is this part

which is really important to every person as any physical manifestation is first deployed in the spiritual realm.

We are going to learn some spiritual use of the cassava plant which I hope may aid my readers in their day in and day out lives;

1. Get Rid of Wall Gecko's in Rooms

One may be wondering the need for him or her to get rid of wall gecko's in his or her room and I it will be explained here.

Even though some people may take it as a myth, not all wall gecko's which are seen in a room are animals but some are sent from the spiritual realm to keep an eye on you and bring any good news about you which the

spiritual realm may thwart it and some of these good news are job employment, upcoming marriage or a promise from someone.

I'm not emphasising that all wall gecko's are evil but to know whether a wall gecko is good or bad, just get a cassava stick with no leaves on and place it in a corner of your room. Any gecko in your room which is evil may not be able to stay.

2. Cure HIV

First of all, I would like my readers to take note that we are talking about Human Immune Virus (HIV) ONLY here and not Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Many people will be surprised but it is true that cassava leaves can cure HIV which has not spread much through the system.

HIV is not a physical ailment but a spiritual one which is given to a person but manifests physically later.

To cure HIV ailment, get some cassava leaves and boil in an earthenware pot with water from a stream or lake (please take not) and add camphor.

Drink twice or thrice daily for 3 months and go for a check up afterwards. Please if you test negative after the 3 months, continue taking it for 3 more months to completely cure it.

Hope this article was helpful? We will continue with the spiritual benefits of cassava leaves in our next post and I hope you will leave your thoughts and an upvote in the comments section below. Thank you.

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