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Use this Plant, a ring and a Ghc10 note to attract money and prevent bad luck

In my previous articles, I have made a lot on how to attract money with plants. Because directions come in many forms and every person also has a different spirit, it might work for others while others might not enjoy it. I am left with no other option than to help introduce a special way of attracting money.

The Nyenya plant is linked to the spiritual and physical life of man. In so doing, every person who does not respect and keep these kinds of spiritual plants safe is exposing him or herself to grave danger.

To be able to perform an efficient and working ritual, a person will need, Tameawu plant(at least 10), Florida water, a ring, a Ghana cedi note(at least Ghc10). The following are some benefits you will derive from this direction after completing:

  1. Attracts favour from men
  2. Removes every negative energy around you
  3. Prevents evil people from coming closer to you
  4. It also attracts good luck
  5. It will automatically blind the eyes of the evil from seeing through your destiny

Please be sure to have ready all the things you want to use for the ritual first. The following is the direction to use:

  1. Find a white cloth and spread it on the ground where you want the activity to take place.
  2. Half fill water in a large size bowl.
  3. Pour half of the Florida water into the water.
  4. Take pieces of the Nyenya plant in the characters of your name. For example, if you were born on Sunday, Sunday has 6 characters. So you take 6 leaves and drop them in the water.
  5. Drop the ring and the Ghc10 note in the water simultaneously.
  6. Open your Bible at Psalm 29 and recite it 10 times in a low tone. Please be sure to visualize the things you want in life whiles reciting this chapter of the Bible.
  7. Once done, take the ring from the water and put it on the left thump of your finger.
  8. Wash your feet with the water containing the Florida water and the Nyenya Plant.
  9. Now take the money from the ground and put it inside your wallet, purse or anything you keep your money inside.

Significants of the ritual

  1. Washing of the feet means poverty is below you.
  2. The wearing of the ring means you just got married to money and that you and money are couples.
  3. The taking of the money from the ground signifies how easy you will make money.

I believe this was helpful to my cherished readers. I will be taking every question inside the comment section in case you didn't understand anything in this article.

Your motivation alone can push me to do more for you by, sharing, commenting, liking and following me for more on spirituality.

Content created and supplied by: TeacherKhobby (via Opera News )

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