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Things You Can Control In Life

There are situations in life that cannot be controlled like the death of a relative or loved ones.Whiles there are ones in life that can be controlled depending on our willingness and eagerness to control it.

Our beliefs,our attitudes,our thoughts,our perspective,how honest we are,who our friends are,what books we read,the type of food we eat,how often we exercise,how kind we are to others. How we often say thank you. How we express our feelings,how many times we smile,how we spend our money and how we often think about the past,how we appreciate the things we have.

The above mentioned things are things we can control. For instance we can control how we spend money .It means we should know our needs and wants because that will differentiate between important things and less important things.

We can also choose to always appreciate the things we have.Otherwise we will always not be happy with what we have and that can lead to jealousy and envy which can also lead to discontentment and strife.

Lastly we can choose to control our attitudes. Good attitudes are conscious effort we make to make sure that we have good character and also be of good behavior.One's attitude also shows one's upbringing from his or her family.

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