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7 Plants And Herbs To Attract Money And Prosperity

There are many rituals and talismans to attract money, abundance, prosperity and protection, and most consist of elements and ingredients that we often find in our own kitchens or in the supermarket. If you don't have time for elaborate prosperity rituals , you still have the possibility to manifest blessings by using the following plants and herbs to attract money and abundance.


Basil is widely used in rituals of prosperity and money for its magnetism. However, this herb has other powers such as the attraction of peace (repels negative energies), protection and good luck in general. To take advantage of its powers, add fresh or dried basil to any potion and it will increase its potency. Get red or white silk sachets and add fresh basil. Carry these bags with you so that good things happen to you every day.


Excellent for anyone who wants to manifest and attract money and prosperity . Using cinnamon attracts money out of nowhere, new jobs, a salary increase, and many more “windfalls” related to your finances. It is also a great item for protection. Bathe in cinnamon water once a week, add cinnamon water to the water with which you clean the floors of your home and business, and rub cinnamon on your skin mixed with honey (but make sure you are not allergic as putting cinnamon directly on skin can create unwanted reactions).

Myrtle root

This crust is supremely powerful in attracting money and abundance and other expressions of prosperity. For this purpose, water this bark around your house, in corners and under furniture, and carry a little in your pockets. For your business, always keep Bayberry root in handfuls close to where you keep your money.


Chamomile has many medicinal and esoteric benefits, among which is its great power to attract money by breaking "bad luck" or bad luck associated with finances. Herb the chamomile in distilled water, let it sit for a couple of hours, strain the chamomile, and add the remaining water to your bath. You can keep this chamomile water in your fridge for a few days to wash your hand or body from time to time so that you remain protected against money problems.


In addition to its delicious fragrance, jasmine offers its powers to those who want to develop psychic abilities and attract money and love. Keep this plant around you to keep this attractive energy around you. Burn jasmine incense once a week at home and business to attract prosperity. Drink jasmine water before going to sleep while concentrating on a specific question so that the answer will present itself to you in your dreams.


Incredibly powerful in improving finances, protecting investments, and attracting money in general. Mix sassafras and honey in a glass container and keep close to where you have money. This will not only attract more money but will protect you from losing it.

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