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People that look exactly like cartoon characters

Have you ever seen some people who looks alike and you are like how? The truth is everyone has a look alike in this world. This makes some people ask how it happened because they are like, did my parent give birth to twins and one got missing?

People are resembling each other getting look alikes they've never seen before and now even cartoon characters are.

Below are people that looks exactly like cartoon characters:

Hiro Haram from the cartoon Baymax

The boy next to him looks exactly like Hiro Haram in the cartoon Baymax which is about teamwork, but really exciting.

Ned Flanders from the cartoon Simpsons

The Simpsons is a cartoon about family life, the man before the cartoon character in the picture above is his look alike who looks just like him.

Princess Merida from the cartoon Brave

Peter Griffin from the cartoon Family guy

Peter Griffin popopularly known as Kpakpo is a cartoon character that has made lots of people laugh. In his videos, he mostly speaks Ga but a little bit of twi is in.

The person next to him in the picture is him look alike. They look exactly like each other and if Kpakpo was to be a real human, people will say they are brothers.

What is your say in this?

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Baymax Brave Hiro Haram Merida Ned Flanders


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