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How do you develop home when home is what you are running from?

In summary, for every evil happening to you, the source is from your root. 

When you visit every single prayer camp, the weapons from heaven are sent to the home, the breaking and firing are aimed at home. Every single spiritual warfare is directed at the very source from which we are connected to life. Given this, we grow up hating home, we grow up wishing we were never from where we are actually from. This is one of our biggest challenges. Why is the fante man building his only home in Accra? Why is the Akyem setting up his business in Accra without a single investment in his place of origin? This is the problem we have as a country, Accra is the place most people feel space, the place where the demons from their hometown would need visas to come. 

Just check out Fantes for instance, Cape Coast, the historical town looks like Daako farms, where are rich Fantes investing? Accra. 

Compare that to Kumasi where home is treated with more dignity, where granda is more dignified, you see the investment people from there make in the City? The poor regions and rich ones are not just about government neglect, all over the country, the government has proven to match the effort of the people. If we build on a new sight, the government will be under pressure to bring road and electricity, this is what has driven development in Ashanti Region and Greater Accra. The beautiful edifices on the main roads are privately owned, the government didn't build that. The same applies to Accra. Look at the poverty-stricken state of pure Ga areas? This is because rich Gas prefer to build in East Legon. 

Home is home, how has the only place you are looked at without being judged by your looks, your competence and where at your worst you can always fall back to presented as the reason for our woes? , Home is not perfect, home has its shortcomings, but home is not the evil after us. We have used this to disconnect grandparents from their grandchildren, we have lost touch with our family history. We have become rootless people finding new homes in Accra people and the major cities, scrambling for a piece of land in the nation's smallest region while vast lands lie fallow in our hometown.

When that 'witch of a granny' dies at age 95, obviously gifted with long life, the same person who saw her fly will tell you that the powers have been handed over to a kid much younger than you. 

Are you ever going home with this succession plan? Why can't witchcraft, which is supposed to be everyone so limited that they cannot find you in Accra? 

At the end, when people fail, they go back home, die eventually and get buried. Came with nothing, left nothing: summary of a failed life. 

When they succeed, they stay away from home. 

Some of the people who own houses in Trasacco come from a village like you see attached to this post.

How do you develop home when home is what you are running from? 

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