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Traditional Customs or Festivals

The traditional festival of the Lawra people with national recognition

Festivals are the back born of many cultures especially, in Africa.

The celebration of festivals always come with a reason and it has it own trace of how it came to existence.

The benefits of festivals in development and shaping of societal norms cannot be over looked.

Culture is good for our generation as Africans.

Ghana is blessed with many seasonal festivals that have lasted for over decades and still make relevance.

Among the many festivals in Ghana is the Kobine festival.

The Kobine festival is celebrated by the people of Lawra in the Upper West Region of Ghana. It is celebrated annually.

Due to its recognition, many people from other parts of Ghana always make time to celebrate it with the people of Lawra.

During the time of celebration, the sons and daughters of the land who have travelled always come back home to join celebrate and reunite.

The Kobine festival celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Lawra in the Upper West Region of Ghana, is celebrated in the month of September every year.

Tracing history, when the festival of Kobine first started in Ghana, it was celebrated and limited to only Lawra people.

Not even all parts of Lawra were part of the celebration, but over time, the chief of the land, Karbo the second made it a public celebration which then allows other people to join them in the celebration.

Culture is good and we should not put away our culture for anything.

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