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Homowo Festival: a brief history

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Most of us are familiar with the popular Homowo festival celebrated by the Ga people but do you know its history? Let's have a look at its history 

What is the Homowo festival?

Homowo Festival is celebrated by the GA people of the greater Accra region of Ghana. The moral of the festival is to commemorate the period in their history when there was a serious famine in the land. The festival is very glamorous and showcases a great deal of traditional values of the GA people.

When is the Homowo festival?

The festival starts in the month of May with the planting of crops (mainly maize and yam) before the rainy season starts. During the festival, they perform a dance called Kpanlogo. The Ga people celebrate Homowo in the remembrance of the famine that once happened in their history in pre colonial Ghana.

Origin of the Homowo festival

Legend has it that there was a period in the history of the GA Kingdom, when there was a severe famine. There was no rain and the people were in great starvation. The people instead of sitting down and wallowing in self pity, rather embarked on a vicious cycle of food cultivation and as they were rewarded with a bountiful harvest. They therefore celebrate the HOMOWO, to hoot at hunger and rejoice in their harvest.

Celebration of the Homowo festival

A Month before the celebration, there is a ban on drumming and noise making in the Greater Accra region. The calendar for the celebration which is usually in August is made by the Dantu Priest. The festival starts when the Dantu priest celebrates his grand custom of feasting and making concoctions for the royal family to sprinkle on them to ward away evil spirits and protect them against diseases.The grand durbar marks the end of the celebrations. The moral of the HOMOWO festival is to show to the people that with hard work and determination, they can succeed in everything they do. Just as their ancestors did, in the face of hunger and starvation, they did just sit down, but worked hard to overcome the famine. 

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