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Throwback pictures of Adina which indicates that life is not about rushing

Music is like a sedative or even a hypnotic which lures the soul into sleep. It fixes broken relationships, it gives people the hope of a better tomorrow and also keeps company to people who want to be alone at a particular moment.

I don't know what has been your perception about music all this while but for me, it has been one of man's best friend even from the beginning of time. In bringing out music, you do realize that it is free just like most things but then when it comes to professional music, we have musicians who are recognized as the people to distribute music to all parts of the world.

This beautiful lady I am going to talk about is one of these professional people. She is known as Adina Ndamse Thembi and she is a Ghanaian-South African musician. She sings, writes songs, acts, models and sometimes appears as a judge on some television shows in the country.

She is arguably one of the best female vocalist in the country and talking about how versatile she is there is no doubt she has a high degree of versatility attached to her talent. She does dancehall music, R&B and many others. Attached to her talent comes a certain beauty which goes beyond normal reasoning.

What if I told you that this beauty just didn't appear at once? What if I told you that like a house, she built it brick by brick? Well, Adina's throwback pictures will make you believe that she has come a long way. These are a few pictures of her back in the days and her at the moment.

She has come from far. Step by step did she move and now, look at how beautiful and extraordinary her life is. We will all get there, let us not rush into things and just trust the process.

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Adina Adina Ndamse Thembi


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