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Checkout This Shape Of Yam That Is Causing Massive Stir On Social Media

Pit is the common name for several species of plants in the genus Dioscorea (family Dioscoreaceae) that form edible tubers.

The yam is a perennial herbaceous vine that grows in temperate and tropical regions for its starchy tubers, mainly in Africa, South America and the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania.

The tuber itself, also known as "yam", is available in many forms due to the large number of varieties and related species.

Etiko's destiny for her boyfriend's birthday

Destiny Ekito is a very popular actress from Nigeria, but the news is about something controversial. He is seen holding a sweet potato in honor of his colleagues' birthdays. What contains licorice is not news, but the form of sweet potato roots.

People thought the hole looked like a man's private part. According to some, specifically looks more masculine. Without realizing it, he held the cake to be photographed with it, no matter what it looked like.

He said the hole was used to celebrate his friend's birthday. He said they wanted to be there with the event so they had to throw cake for cake. What do you think?

What happened during the birthday?

The culture they say is something to be proud of because of their love and importance to the way they think about our lives, so is Nonso Ugezu's tendency to be Nollywood that belongs to him today Celebrating his birthday, and he celebrates potatoes as cakes with baked sweets, and some environmental flavor and delicacy to make it bloom, a trend that was thankfully abandoned when Nollywood artist Destiny Etiko fell in the photo on her Instagram page.

It's always an interesting plan to see that there is no convention to throw a birthday cake party because any other food can be used to print the holiday, the items used don't matter.

Only the feelings emanating from celebration or joy that really matter is a clear indication, seen in the photos shared from the event, that reveal happy people who understand what they are doing and are happy that someone was born on a very special day. special, which is a good feeling that is still cherished for a long time.

Reasons Why Fate With Sweet Potatoes. taken a picture

Destiny Etiko, who shared photos from the exclusive event, said they should do it the normal way, which is great.

As this may seem surprising, there are alternative approaches to stamping birthdays that don't make you fully aware for one explanation or another that many call social colonialism, but it is possible to find solutions if people are constrained by such attitudes. .

However, in a situation where the individual understands the true feeling of receiving something extraordinary and unique, the individual should not be cautious at this point, but rather will understand the right to fame he desires from within, a way of life. that he might have given up.

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