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These pictures will hypnotise you, only the strong ones can resist.

Hypnotising is when someone gets your full attention by a stare or gaze. Hypnotise is mostly used by sorcerers and wizards to get their full attention and make them do things they don't wish to do.

However, there are different types of hypnosis. One is intense and one is controllable, the intense one is very powerful and with that, you can't resist it no matter how strong you are.

The other one is controllable, with that type of hypnosis, you can resist and controll it only if you are very strong.

Are you strong enough to resist it? Find out, below are the pictures:

Many people were moved by it because they couldn't remove a single eye from it and that shows how weak they are. Others could watch and remove their eyes instantly and that shows how strong they are.

Could you resist it?

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