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Why we celebrate festivals in Ghana and some importance of festivals

In Ghana there are many festivals celebrated by different ethnic group.

Festivals are special occasions that remind an ethnic group of some important historical events. Ethnic groups in Ghana celebrate festivals as occasions to remind them of things that happened in the past.

Some importance of Festivals in Ghana.

1. Festivals are celebrated to remember the departed. The annual festival reminds the group to pray that the departed should give them protection and support in the year.

2. For giving thanks to Almighty God. During the celebration they ask for Divine protection,and guidance from evil.

3. Festivals are celebrated to educate the youth about their tradition. It educate the youth of their cultural heritage. The singing, dancing, dressing etc.

Efutus celebrate the Aboakyir festival which is celebrated to mark the migration of the people from the ancient Western Sudan Empire.

Anlos of Volta Region celebrate Hogbetsotso to remember how they escaped from the wicked King Agokoli of Togo.

All these importance help one know the importance of his or her festival and why it is celebrated.

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