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Check photos: Ghana has the biggest tree among Africa and check the region.

Bako is located in Akim oda, Eastern region, Ghana. It is biggest tree in West Africa, measuring 12m in circumference and 90cm tall. ' the big tree' is of the Bako species and its botanical name is ' tieghemela heckle'.

The magnificent tree is believed to be about 350 to 4000 year old. Its unique nature has led to the intervention by the Ghana foresty commission. I have been a victim of racial discrimination. Just went to see the largest tree in the whole of Africa. Africa's tallest tree found on Kilimanjaro. The tallest tree in Africa was recently discovered in a remote valley. Growing in the forest of Akim Oda in Ghana? Eastern region, the tree, known locally as? The big tree? The Africa's tallest tree was found on mount Kilimanjaro. It is definitely a contender.

A multi purpose tree and shrub (MPTS) screening expirment was contacted a Bako Agricultural research center. The big tree is one of the prominent, astonishing and outstanding tourist attractions in the birim central and for that matter Ghana. Surprisingly, the tree has a unique feature of a cylindrical shape with slash bright pink leaves. This makes it a unique tourist attraction in the region and the country as a whole.

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