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Woman Causes Stir On Social Media, Only Legends Will Understand

A beautiful middle age woman has caused a stir on social media after a picture of her using traditional cow dung flooring her living room popped up online, which garnered thousands of views on social media leading to the young generation asking what it's meant for?

Seems they only know it's important source of bio-fertilizer that increases the mineral status of soil, enhances the resistance of plant against pests and diseases which stimulate plant growth and other beneficial activities such as sulpho oxidation and phosphorus solubilization and more importantly used in many developing countries for generating energy but have no slight idea of what the woman was doing.

Interestingly only legends and the young generation who live in the remote areas in Africa will understand the relevance of what the woman was spotted doing.

I remember my grandma loved doing this every two weeks, she will let it rot a bit with worms mixed with little clay soils from anthills and ash for smearing so to stay long also a remedy to keep away fleas and reduce dust while sweeping after it dries.That is why people never used to suffer from asthmas and other related illnesses because natural and organic materials were used. The best polish ever and life was so simple

When I was a child at the village, as christmas approaches the walls were decorated with white clay emblazoned with wishes, making our huts fully traditional and best polish ever as life was so simple.

But today everything is so modernised, only few old people at very rural areas in Africa that might still do this both for floors and walls which shows our beautiful African originality.

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