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Back to Sender step by step (Read)

Hello lovely people hope everyone is doing well, am back again with other article which talks about back to the sender.

Photo Source : Google

New knife 

Alligator pepper (7seeds)


If you feel someone is working against you or your life is in misery do this simple rite. 

Write your name on one side of the knife with your marker, and on the other side of the knife, draw 3 crosses (+++).

Photo Source : Google

While you chew your alligator pepper, say: I...(Your Name), don't wish anyone evil. From today, anyone born on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, wanting my downfall in anyway, I command this knife to fight them for me and whatever they send to me, return to them in 10 folds. End it with Amen, I see, Wie or So Mote it be.

Spit out the alligator pepper 3 times on the knife and go bury it.




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