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I'm Currently In Dubai If You See Me On The Road, Just Know You Are Also In Dubai. See more jokes

1. Please which punishment can you give a four months old baby. He just tore my last 100 cedis notes to pieces.

2. When someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe left or right. You never know what’s next.

3. If you see a guy charting and smiling, just know that someone's daughter is responding well to the treatments.

4.Until today, I still wonder why they fence zoos. Can someone really steal a lion?

5.She asked for my phone to use the calculator. 

Then after 3minutes she asked "so who is Joy?" I told her it's the square root of 14.

6: Very soon you'll see people holding phone worth 1 million+ and still be asking people to sub for them.

7. He finally confessed his feelings, and she used "lolz" to reply, he has been crying since morning.

8. Just because I gave goat a lift and you're calling me a thief won't humans help animals again.

9.After 2hrs of waiting at the ATM Queue. I realized that i came with my Voters card.

10. Our neighbors pot of soup got missing and now they are suspecting me. How can i steal something that has too much salt. Don't even ask me how I knew 

11. House rent is getting too expensive now, if thy did not chase you from you fathers house, stay there.

12.Sometimes I wonder what better days are doing ahead, why not now.

13. *You have seen how expensive things are in this country.. from garri to bread Everything up.. please before you visit me eat, dont say I didn't warn you.

14.Currently in Dubia, If you see me on the road just know, you are also in Dubai.

15. Someone mistakenly call me now thinking I'm his manager, requesting for one day off. So I gave him two weeks off. Honestly we need rest in this country.

16. If you see me talking to myself, understand that I'm self employed and I'm having staff meeting. So just look away.

Whats the .out interesting joke you h've ever heard, kindly help by sharing it in the comment box below.

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