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5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Life Private

15 simple reasons why you should keep personal life private in the digital  age

It is important to connect with people and share our most joyous moments with them. However, there is an extent to which you can connect and share with these people. People are generally connected with someone who keep things on the down-low. They know that their secrets are safe with you. It builds loyalty, trust and genuine connection. Here are reasons why you should keep things on the low.

You to focus on the important things in your life

When you stop being dependent on feeling joy by sharing all about your life with others, you realize how important it is for your mental health. It helps you focus on the things that contribute to your wellbeing, and nurture personal relationships that actually matter.

Your safety will be less compromised

A private life is not only a happy life, but a safe life. The less you share about your day online, the safer you will be. We know how easy it is to track a person’s location. It is actually kind of scary. This is why privacy is so important.

You stop caring about other’s opinion

It is therapeutic when you stop caring about what people have to say about you. The less material you give them, the better you will feel about yourself. And soon, you will see how precious your quiet, private life really is.

It is easier to deal with the drama in your life

When no one is privy to the drama in your life, it is easier to deal with. Going through drama is exhausting but when you have an active audience, it is way more overwhelming. The fewer people who know about your life, the better.

The less likely people will be in your business

The more you share about your life, the more people will try to know about you. Do not let people in about your life so much that even what doesn’t concern them they already know. The more you share about yourself, especially on social media, the more people judge you and the decisions you make.

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