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They Didn’t Know: Akuffo Addo Is The Reason We Had The #Globalcitizensfestival in Ghana.

The Global Citizens Festival is an annual music festival celebrated to help curve the global economic hardships in poor countries, it started in 2012 by Global Poverty Project. It was founded by Ryan Gall and Hugh.

For, this year’s festival, Ghana got the privilege to host the events in the capital city Accra. The even has brought various tops and controversies. As the president emerged on the event to give his speech, the crowd started shouting and clapping ‘away’ instead of cheering him up. But that seemed understandable depending on the situation, the youth were waiting for their favourite artist to perform not president to give speech.

But one thing they didn’t know was that, Akuffo Addo is the main reason we had the #GlobalCitizensfestival in Ghana.

Today on Good Evening Ghana show, Mark Okraku who is a producer and a politician, and he’s currently the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts has revealed that the hosting of the Global Citizens Festival by Ghana was largely because of Nana Akuffo Addo.

Ghanaians have bullied Nana Addo at the festival not not his involvement in hostel the the even here in Ghana. I think Nana Addo deserves an apology for that, bescause they didn’t know but now they know. What do you think?

According to Mark Okraku, Akuffo Addo Needed to be there to give his speech of acceptance and appreciation of the festival being hosted in Ghana.

“I only knew Global Citizens Festival through president Akuffo Addo’s visit to South Africa for the same festival, so after the whole event, he showed interest and told the organisers that he wouldn’t mind seeing the same event in Ghana. That’s why we had the even hosted here” Mark Okraku said.

The event really helped put Ghana on the map and I think Akuffo Addo deserved much more than he got at the event. Leave your opinion below and follow for more

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