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'Kofi' is undoubtedly the most popular local name in Ghana. (Opinion)

Names are means of identification. Without names, this world can't move on.

In Ghana, Kofi is the most popular local name.

Kofi is a made given name to all Friday male born.

This name is mostly given by the Ashantis and the Fantes. Some tribes in the country also do same.

The name 'Kofi' are individuals known to be adventurers and indecisive thus taking time to settle. They are highly motivated and competent.

The reason it is the popular name in my opinion is that, it is mostly used everywhere.

Most teachers to use the name in class to site examples in class.

Below are some of the exercises given in class.

It is also easy to pronounce the name. Even in our churches, we call something 'Kofi and Ama'.

Most people prefer to use the name 'Kofi' to site their examples in most of their activities.

This makes 'Kofi' the most popular name in Ghana. And also in Ghana, all Friday borns are called 'Kofi'. This makes the name even more popular.

Below is also a popular Wrestler who is also called Kofi.

Thanks for reading. Please comment below your opinion on this.

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