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Ashanti Region: Man Collapses On The Street, Dies On The Spot

At 2:17 pm, Perkyerekyere which is abbreviated as PKK recorded a frustrating death.

Perkyerekyere is a rural farming community in the constituency of Parliamentarian Andy Appiah Kubi of the Ashanti Akyem South district of Ashanti Region. Bounded to Perkyerekyere is Domeabra and Juansa.

An unidentified man whom no-one knows and is without ID card was walking down to the cemetery lane when he suddenly stopped, fell on the chippings leading to the cemetery and dying 30secounds later.

Eye witness records the encounter to us. Afia Beatrice who is known in Perkyerekyere as Ante Bee is a farmer and a seller at Perkyerekyere market. She tells us how the unfortunate incident happened.

According to Madam Bee, the man bought ice water which cost 20pesewas from her and presented to her GH¢10 which she couldn't change for him so she gave the water to him as a gift.

After going about 21 feet away from her, she saw the man standing for about 5 secounds, the man decided to go again and couldn't make a move. She saw him going down and shouted for nearby male residents to help him. They rushed to him and he was grasping for air on the ground.

All of them around ignorant of what was happening called for cold water to be poured on him. No-one had cod water around and by the time Madam Bee went to her store and back, the stranger was no more with the living.

Cars load from the nearest town, Domeabra to Perkyerekyere and it takes a while for cars to be full at Domeabra.

Unfortunately there was no car at Perkyerekyere at the time of the incident, it took almost 30mins for a car to arrive and they have taken the body to the nearest police station which is at Juansa.

According Madam Bee, it's up to the police to do what needs to be done, they have done what they can do.

We hope this man makes it to his family for a befitting burial.

The man was wearing white top and blue-black trousers. He is neither tall nor short and dark in complexion. He has round pointed nose, yellowish looking eyes with a mark near his eye brows. He has no dimples and a black looking hair.

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