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"Oh No, Gh35cedis For Mineral Water?" -Lady Complains Bitterly After Buying Water At Club

Although the cost of things in the country are currently high, the rate at which people are/have increased their goods and services are very inappropriate. Sometimes when you look at the price of something you normally buy and all of a sudden the price has abnormally increased at certain places, you tend to be very disappointed. Several of this have occurred to most people but the most recent one occurred to a lady who was bold enough to share it online which I convey to you in this article.

In a recent video surfacing online, a young lady was complaining bitterly after buying a bottle of mineral water at a club. This lady disclosed the reason behind her going to the place at the first place, and what transpired over there.

"I am very sick but I won't drink any medicine. I have really cried about this. Yesterday, my friend visited me and asked that we go out. She used me to roam for sometime and she asked us to go to a club at Osu and we entered. So after we entered, where my friend went to sit she knew the guys so she sat there and I also joined her there. One guy who was sitting by me ask me that 'Afia, why am I sitting so quiet and also won't I drink anything?' and I said that I don't feel for anything here and he said I should take. When I opened it it was Ghc600 and I said then I will get some water to drink.

I went to the counter and handed over Ghc100 to the attendant and he gave me the water and balanced me. After counting the money I said 'Ah, it's not up to' and he said that's all. Then I asked that how much is the water and he said 35cedis and I said 'Ahh, why?'. I don't want to mention the name of the club but it is at Osu. This made me bring the bottle home because I wanted to know whether it is a different Bel-Aqua or the one I already knew'. At least it should be sold at Gh15 or Gh20... So I decided to take a receipt home as an evidence...", she complained.

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