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Popular Slay Queen Spotted Drinking Juice From Rubber Socks

These ladies are really doing the most. Slay queens are always all over the place. Wherever they are, they want to announce that they are around. It is really funny sometimes but we tend to overlook their actions usually. When we take a look at their daily trends, they always want to make noise online. They always want to be spotted chilling and having fun in their homes, bars and popular spots. Most of them get shy when they are ridiculed on social media but others do not seem to care about what the public says about them. They keep on doing what pleases them.

Today, in this article, we would talk about the slay queen who was spotted drinking juice from "rubber socks".

Wonders indeed shall never end. A new viral video has just surfaced on social media and it is really causing stirs online. The video captures a young lady who is alleged to be a Slay Queen drinking juice from a "Rubber Socks". My team and I were able to get some pictures. It is unclear what the liquid is, although it does looks like water or sprite. These women never seem to stop amazing people in the country. Furthermore, it is unclear to tell if the "Rubber Socks" has been used or just a new one. Even if it is a new one, it not very healthy and shouldn’t be something that she should have done.

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