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Fiction: To the Glory of Big Buttocks: Something Must Definitely Kill a Man.

"How I wish I had been more focused on the road." the taxi driver blurted. 'Now look, I have a flat tyre and a damaged headlight; where am I going to get money to fix them?" He added. "And there she goes 'kyiakyiaing' her waist as if she isn't aware she is the reason I have fallen into this gutter," He ended with giggle as he stared at the lady briskly walked on. This taxi driver I joined to work this morning has fallen into a gutter while busily admiring the 'heaving and sighing' of a heavy-buttock woman going for a walk.

This is the story of many accidents on our roads especially in recent times apart from the issue of bad roads and drunk-driving. Men have become so obsessed with 'heavy back' so much such that you are almost a celebrity to them if you have heavy back side.

Social media is now awashed with images of women with big buttocks dressed in all manner of provocative dresses and with different shades of poses. Women who muster the courage to put their 'assets' on display gets overnight celebrity status. The likes of Hajia Bintu, Princess Shyngle, Moesha Budong and quite recently, Shemima of Date Rush fame have all become 'celebrities' overnight and seem to have a lot of advertising and other opportunities coming their way.

The crave for big buttocks by men coupled with the celebrity-attracting status attached to it is pushing a lot of our young ladies into resorting to all manner of buttocks-enhancing strategies - using of medicines and surgical approaches that end up becoming injurious to their health. A YouTube search will reveal many instances of buttocks-enhancing approaches gone wrong.

This phenomenon has also ended up creating huge markets for fake drugs and quack doctors who go about disfiguring our sisters, mothers and daughters, all in the name of enhancing their backside. God created man perfect but man indeed sought many inventions.

Research has shown that old age is not friendly to women with heavy back at all thus may we not continue pushing our mothers, sisters and daughters to the point where they may end up becoming burdens to us in future. Ladies let's be content with our buttock sizes and men let us be content with what is presented to us at the table.

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