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Laughing Begins As Monday Jokes Drops

Whiles his families are thinking that,the heavens will be happy because they have gotten an angel, deep inside the deceased man, he knows he's more than Lucifer. Just look at his smile. He looks like a politician though 🤔.

This is serious, I still can't understand, how can your lecture die of Aids and you just go unconscious. I smell something fishy. Please the legends reading this help me out because I can't understand why a student would faint because their lecture died of Aids. Oh I now understand, it means she slept with him. Dear ladies please be careful o, now she has passed her exams but she was rewarded with AIDS. Lord have mercy.

Life isn't balanced o, after planning your lives together then boom, one guy will just appear into your relationship dismantle everything. I think the government should set a law, after every break up, the ladies will have to pay we the guys at least¢1,000 as a break up clause because we end giving them all the little papers we gain from our bets. Or what do you think.

I remember when I was in jhs, I had a teacher who was called Sir Adam. Anytime he punishes me, I just look at him and smile because he's my teacher and there nothing I can do,but in my head I will be saying"God is waiting for you. If it hadn't been you, I would have been in paradise asking Angel Gabriel how Mother Mary got pregnant, but now look, you are here teaching me about the life cycle of a mosquito".

I hope you also agree with me because I don't see the essence of learning about mosquitos.

I now understand why some guys say"No Gf No problem" it really true but sometimes it isn't, just like yesterday been boyfriend's day, while girls are posting their Bf, my guys will be sending me screenshot of the girls who posted them and I will be like" No Gf No Problem" but deep inside me and tired of been single. Ouch,just look at his shoes, am sure his Gf has drained everything and it's left with his shoes only. Broken heart isn't easy o. Look at how he is comfortable in that suit in this hot weather. If you smiled it means you're also tired of been single. Is that true?

I hope you smiled.Why the sorrows, stop overthinking and enjoy your day to the fullest because,if today passes, it won't come back again. Thanks for smiling.As always "we see differently"

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