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End this month with some funny WhatsApp statuses

Thank you for clicking on this article. As usual, kindly hit the follow button for more interesting updates on my articles. We are conversant of the fact that each and every one if not all of us, if battling with all kinds of depression. It might be that mistake you’ve made a long time ago, which is eating you up every single day. Many people hide their pains by laughing all day and making another laugh, but go to bed with their pillows soaked with tears. Always remember; “you will always see the best version of yourself when you let go of so many things, out of your life”. I only hope that at least one of these make you smile for the night. 

Here are some few funny WhatsApp statuses. "Your mind is a positive thing. When you fill it with positive things, you will start to see changes”. Please share across your social media platforms, to also place a smile on another’s face, and comment as well. Thank you for scrolling down.

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