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Who did these? Funny pictures to make your weekend interesting

The legendary men of old always made mention of the fact that we should always smile because we never know what it would do to our system. Maybe we never gave value to those words but frankly speaking, all what they said was the truth, laughter is really medicine and it boosts up our immune system.

In this article, I am going to talk about five different times when the African continent never ceased to amaze us with stunning and hilarious pictures. I love this continent very much and I am proud of being an African. In these pictures I am going to show you, upon first sight there are two things that comes into mind.

The first thing you would do is to laugh and the second thing which comes into mind is you asking yourself who really did these? What came into the minds of these people such that it could make them go to the extent of doing these hilarious things? Let me not waste your time, fast forward let us move straight into these pictures.

1. To my bread lovers over here, after buying bread we mostly put them into the toasting machine after slicing them so the machine could give them that nice texture and sweet taste. Well, this person over here raised the bar far too high. Call him the father of inventions. Look at what he just did over here.

Usually, the laptop charger becomes heated when you are charging the laptop. This guy over here used that opportunity to sandwich his bread between these two chargers and allowed the heat to do the work. He has literally equated the charger to a toasting machine. This is hilarious.

2. I didn't know the difference between manicure and pedicure but I'm glad this article made me make a research on it.

Well, this picture below falls within the category of pedicure since it deals with the feet. Usually, we see our girls add beauty to their toenails by shaping them and adding a variety of colors to them which makes it all aesthetically pleasing. I don't know but I think this lady over here overdid it because this is not what I have been seeing the ladies do

How is she going to wear a shoe with this kind of artificial toenails? People are really putting understandable stuff together.

3. This picture is very hilarious such that I had to look at it a number of times. Who does that? So there was this mango fruit on a mango tree. Instead of the person plucking the fruit and enjoying it, the person decided to eat the fruit right from the tree.

There is no way an animal would have done that looking at the height of the fruit from the ground.

How do you even do this? What came into the mind of the person? Did the person even feel comfortable eating from that position? Well, these are all questions whose answers are in a faraway land.

4. I don't know who decided to give this rooster a mask but it seems funny upon first look. This mask is the type "AMG Medikal" has been putting on nowadays. Maybe we should initiate the rooster into the AMG family.

5. Lastly, this picture over here also poses the question about who did that? Looking at this picture, I am forced to find out why they did that but all clues to my answer seems void.

The person equated a water closet to a burner stove and did due diligence to the meat he had. It had two compartments, the meat at the lower part and maize at the upper part.

Funny enough there is a question which also came with this picture. They are asking if we would eat from that? Well I am throwing the question over to you, would you eat from that? Let me know in the comment section.

Thank you for taking time to read this article. I hope you liked it? Let me know what you think about it all in the comment section. Stay safe and have a nice weekend.

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