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Benefits Of Having Big Buttocks

Other people may think having a big butt is a problem but this article is designed with you in mind to aid you in having a positive view about big buttocks. 

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Butt fat is relatively harmless and is healthy

Big butts are graced with subcutaneous yellow fat unlike the excess white fat which surrounds organs that can lead to inflammation and high blood pressure.

It makes you more attractive

Research has found out that men are attracted to women with big butts because it enhances the appearance of the curvature of their spine. This is a good trait since a curved spine can alleviate spinal pressure and injuries related to pregnancy.

You are more intuitive than other women with smaller butts

Evolution theorist believe women with big butts are more appealing to men and stressed there is a connection between emotional intelligence and the size of the butt. The bigger the butt the higher the intelligence.

Big butts make pregnant a little easy.

Big butts can help you stay mobile during pregnancy by balancing the heavy weight of your baby belly thus protecting your spine

Women with big butt are likey to give birth to intelligent and smart kids

Omega-3 fatty acids is needed by babies to develop their brain. Omega-3 fatty acid is mostly stored in the butt and thighs. Scientists believe a woman's body taps to those stores to enrich the milk when breastfeeding a baby.

Less likely to have diabetes

Surprised...? I was also shocked to learn about this. 

The smaller the waist of a woman and larger the hips lowers the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

You are less likely to be very hungry

The extra fat stored in a big buttoned woman can serve as a fuel or energy whenever they are hungry. 

Having a big butt protects your lower back

Women with a weak butt find it difficult to propel their legs forward when walking so smaller muscles will come to aid but the bad news is it leaves them with strains at their backs, hips and knees. 

Big buttocks acts like a drug

The moment a man looks at a women with big butts, it activates the regions of the male brain which otherwise is activated by drug, food and alcohol.

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