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Motivate yourself and laugh along with these funny pictures.

It is true that all is not that well around you but the people around you and those to join the community later are depending on your efforts to get up and tackle that problem, prove to everyone that what they have been worrying about for ages is solvable and stop spending too much time worrying.

Somethings that happen to us turns out to be a big blow that brings everything we have worked so hard for to the ground. That is when the spectators around will call it your failure. These spectators who have always refused to be your supporters will continue to tell the story of your failure till you give them a comeback story.

Some say failure is good. To me, it is only good when you make a comeback out of it.

It is very important that you always start your day with a smile. Sometimes the bad happenings around you are so terrible that it will take a picture, audio or video to transform that depressed face of yours to a smiling one.

Let’s go through these hilarious baby jokes and start over with a smiling face.

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