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Habits and Customs


Traditional Customs or Festivals

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Festivals are are occasions during which people of a community would to remember, honour and express their appreciation to God, the ancestors and God's of the land for their protection, abundant harvest to them.

Generally, festivals bring about a lot of benefits to the society. These are discussed below:

1. Festivals inculcate good moral behaviour into the younger generation. During festivals, children take part in all the festive activities of the community. They therefore learn the traditions, customs and norms of society. By this doing, they are equipped with good moral behaviour.

2. Festivals are periods of appreciating the gods. Festivals serve as occasions of spiritual renewal of the covenant between the people and the gods.

3. Festivals are the avenues of portraying the culture of the people. During festivals, aspects of culture such as dance and music. The younger generation learns their culture during these occasions.

3. History of the people is recounted during festivals. During festivals, the chief and elders take the opportunity to recount how they came to settle in their present home.

4. Festivals are occasions for settling disputes. During festivals, people far and near come home. Advantage is therefore taken to settle disputes at family and chieftaincy levels.

5. Festivals promote socialization. people who are far and near come home during festivals. This helps people to know relatives very well. It is also a good opportunity to choose life partners.

6. Chiefs reassert their their authority during festivals. Paramount chiefs sit in state to receive homage from sub-chiefs.

7. Development is also planned during festivals. People of a community especially the affluent ones come together to donate and plan for the community.

8. Festivals also help marketers to make high sales. During festivals, food vendors and other sellers get high patronage.

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