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These funny pictures will definitely crack you up. What is most interesting are the hidden images

1st up on the list is this lady's forehead. The lady looks soooooo worried such that the forehead looks like a wifi sign on your phone. You definitely do not have a sense of humour if you can't have a funny cackle here. Either this or you are a hermit and do not know anything about the 21st century and it's gadget's which would be impossible anyways since you used a phone to look at this. Hmmmm.

The second on the list is this obvious stress reliever. This just shows this lady, who seems to be tired of the days crappie rubbish, she had endeared all day. Who would not be tired of it. I for one, would even volunteer to put that machine on top of everybody's head and suck the bullshit and stress of the day from any source out of everybody's head. This is soooooo funny in the sense that the machine keeps getting bigger. The machine does not seem to get emptied. This means I think, there is soo much junk in the lady's brain it's not easy to suck out.

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This picture speaks volumes for itself. Examination time comes and goes within everyone's lives. There comes that one time where everyone seems to be doing something at the exam hall and you simply do not even know why or what that is, like using a ruler or compass.

For your hidden images, I think you should critically look at the images you would notice intriguing stuff, such as for the last one. You would notice an apple computer. This is a very powerful machine.

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