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A look at Ghana’s biggest festival that has been in existence for over 500 years


Inside Sesseman, a distant town at Nkoranza north in the Bono East area lies an 'ntoa' god which propelled a celebration that has been praised for more than 500 years. 

The 'Forkuo afahye' albeit not well known has been promoted as Ghana's greatest and most established celebration, everything being equal, and this is on the grounds that it has been in presence even before colonization. 

40 days before the celebration, the Sesseman municipality is dove into a condition of reflection which is portrayed by a restriction on noisemaking. This is on the grounds that it is accepted that the 'ntoa' goes into hibernation during that period. 

'Ntoa' shows up following 40 days when the date for the celebration is expected. 

The week-long celebration is started with an exceptional drumming to report its opening and anybody that commits an error whiles playing that specific drum bites the dust. 

Albeit hazy why individuals bite the dust from playing the drums wrongly, it is accepted that the smallest error keeps the divinity from emerging from its altar. 

Likewise, occupants are relied upon to granulate and spread charcoal on their bodies. The charcoal is normally removed from some particular trees. 

It is accepted that the 'ntoa' divinity has faced incredible conflicts for the town, given security and has made the land thrive. 

Up to this point, 'ntoa' who's source can't be followed fills in as the principle arbiter through which supplications are moved to Oboade (The maker). 

it is expressed that the holy place in which the god as of now lives was worked in 1918. 

Intriguingly, no congregation is permitted to work in Sesseman as 'ntoa' has been set up by the occupants as their solitary genuine god to the side 'oboade' (The maker). 

According to that, occupants who are Christians visit adjoining towns to venerate. 

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