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Don't be bored, Take a look at the Funniest jokes for the weekend

Happy weekend to everybody, let's take a look at some funny pictures and funny words that we have for you this weekend.

1: when I truly get to know that scan is real, i just drank some bottles of beer and I told my doctor to scan my body, to my surprise, I see all the kind of beers that I drank inside the scan.

2: I remembered the day I drank a lot of beers and what I could remember is when I said everybody come and beat me and this is what I see as a result.

3: When my mother said can you eat up the food and I say yes, she said, i will beat you up if you don't eat all the food and Is only little that I eat and am okay but i can't say am okay because of what she said.

4: I was all alone in the Bush and I was chasing by hippopotamus and I shouted help, one of my friend said, he can't interfere to family matter.

5: When my Daddy drink some bottles of beers and he said, John, how old are you and I said am 18 years sir, he replied" when I was like you am 19 years of age.

Please if you enjoy these jokes kindly drop a comment and share for more.

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