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Skin Care

How to prepare Ointment for body, knees and waist pains whilst at home

Today, I will be taking you through how to prepare body Ointment for all kinds of body pains, waiste pains and knees.

This process is very simple and you can sit in the comfort of your home and prepare it and it very effective.

I will advise you to take your time read carefully and follow the procedure.

ingredients needed

1. Colour of your choice

2. Liquid paraffin

3. Candle wax

4. Peppermint

5. Petroleum jelly

6. Crystal menthol half a kilo.


1. Add one liter of liquid paraffin oil into a pot on fire.

2. Add a pint of colour into paraffin oil on fire and stir very well for them to mix

3. Add 20g of candle wax ( cosmetic grade) into the mixture and stir.

4. Add two kilos of petroleum jelly into the mixture and stir very well.

5. Add 500ml of peppermint oil and half a kilo of crystal menthol.

6. Finally, you can then put the ointment into plastic containers for packing and allow them to cool freely.

You can start this one as a business and with a small amount of money from ghc100 to ghc 200 you can do it.

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