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Reason why Fantes cerebrate Akwanbo festival

Akwanbo is a festival cerebrated yearly by the Fantes in the Central Region of Ghana. The festival is welcomed by observing a month silence through out all Fante villages, towns and cities which partake in the festival. After observing the period of silence, dates are give out to various Fante villages, towns and cities to cerebrate the festival at weekly intervals.

It is a weeklong celebration marked by traditional drumming and dancing with a set day for the performance of traditional rituals and special stool rites. During these festives, people who need children, marriage and want their various pressing needs met will pour libations and ask for help from the Deities and Ancestors. Some will also come with their new born babies and husbands thanking the Deities and Ancestors for answering the prayers during the past year's festival. During the festival, the people come together in remembrance of Egya Ahor who gave out his self to be sacrificed to stop a epidemic which took the lives of many Fantes years ago.

Egya Ahor of the Fantes in the Central Region of Ghana gave himself out to be sacrificed to the Deities of Fante land to appease Them. This was when the Fantes disobeyed the rules of the Deities and there was an epidemic which killed most Fantes. Egya Ahor gave himself out to be used as sacrifice to set his people free about three centuries ago when the Fantes moved from Techiman in Bono Region to their current settlement Central Region (Gomoa, Ajumako, Agona, among others).

In remembrance of the Great Hero, a festival known as Akwanbo (Ahobaa) is celebrated by the Fantes each year to thank him for the bold step he took to save his people.

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