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Body language mistakes that can ruin your life

Failing to smile. Smile is one of the important tools to become successful and a popular language that encourages positive thinking. It can imply confidence, good health and even approval. A smile is a key that fits the lock of one's heart.

Avoiding eye contact. Eye contact anxiety can affect what others think about you. For those without a medical disorder, avoiding eye contact can be linked to a lack of confidence or that you are hiding something. Maintaining good eye contact is a crucial aspect of social interaction.

Weak handshake. Handshakes are a common gesture of respect. Firm handshakes communicate a strong personality. A weak handshake can make the other party have something negative to relate to you.

Crossed arms. Crossed arms indicate uncertainty about someone or one's point of view. Crossed arms hold your feelings within and keep others out.

Fidgeting. Fidgeting with your hands and legs reflect nervousness, insecurity and all qualities you don't want to be associated with.

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