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Facts You Didn't Know about Ghana That Will Make You Proud as A Ghanaian

Often referred to as the gate way of Africa, located on the coast of West Africa is the Black Star nation of Ghana. The over thirty million populated country is a pace setter in various regards on the continent and the world at large. There are several things that Ghana as a country stand up for.

Let's take a look at ten of the interesting things Ghana is renowned for;

1. The fastest man in the world to ran backwards is a Ghanaian; Ferdie Adoboe set the Guinness World Record as the fastest man in the world to ran backwards in 1983. He was able to complete 100 yard in 2.71 seconds.

2. The English dictionary adopted the Ghanaian language "kwashiorkor";

The Ga dialect is used to describe a child who suffers health conditions as a result of malnutrition or insufficient intake of protein.

3. The largest artificial lake in the world is in Ghana; the Volta lake, which spans about 320 miles, travels from the Southwesten parts of the country to the North.

4. Ghana has a space program; some students of All Nations University in Koforidua developed a satellite in 2017. This was sent into orbit by the International Space Station in 2017.

5. Ghana is the first country to gain independence in Sub-Saharan Africa; She gained her freedom from the British in 1957, becoming the first black nation to achieve that on the continent.

6. Ghana has a unique design for making her coffin; the people of Ghana has the culture of paying their last respect to the dead by burying them in unique casket that one way or the other has a connection with what they were doing while alive. This culture is currently being copied by other nations.

 7. Ghana has the largest open market in West Africa; the Kejetia Market located in the center of Kumasi is the largest of its kind in West Africa and one of the biggest on the continent as a whole.

8. In sports, Ghana was the first and only Africa nation that has won the FIFA Under20 World Cup. Ghana made Africa proud by lifting the prestigious trouhy in Egypt in 2009.

9. Ghana is one of the few countries on the continent who made it to the quarter finals of the FIFA senior world cup. The Black Stars were able to carry the continent on their shoulders to the quarter finals in South Africa.

10. Ghana is one of the most peaceful nations in the world. The nation serves as the reference point with regards to peace in the sub region

If you are are Ghanaian you should be proud of our beautiful nation.

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