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Use Aidan Fruit To Open Your Third Eye To See Those Attacking Your Progress

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Aidan fruit which is known in our local dialect as Prekese is a fruit that is giving to us by God. It was very popular in the ancient days due to its medicinal purpose. Our forefathers always remind us that , prekese is good for everyone especially those who want to conquer the evil spirit that is attacking them. Moreover, it is said that prekese can be found in West Africa especially Ghana and other countries like Israel.

Prekese is good for our health and it can help you to reduce weight when you take it as a tea early in the morning everyday. If you have a spiritual problem you or you want someone to fall in love for you, then call me on zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine. Do you know that Prekese has a spiritual implications ? Prekese is one of the most powerful fruit that can be used in both physical and spiritual. It can help you to overcome any spiritual obstacles when you use it wisely.

In this article, we are going to learn how to use Aidan fruit to open our spiritual eyes.This article will help you to see your enemies with your eyes. Prekese has a positive energy and it can control any negative activity on this earth. Prekese is blessed by God and when you have its tree in your compound, no witches or demon can pass over. When you eat its fruit, no evil spirit can harm you or destroy your destiny so dont joke with Aidan fruit which is called Prekese.

How To Use Aidan Fruit To Open Your Spiritual Eyes.

Get seven pieces of the Aidan Fruit (prekese) and cut it into two pieces, put it in a pot and pour water into it, the water should be from a well or from a stream and it shouldn't be bole hole water. Just put it under a tree or on top of your roofing sheet for seven days, after seven days go to the tree or take it from the roofing sheet and wash your face with the water for seven times and it should be done at twelve o'clock in the midnight. Please repeat this for seven days and your eyes will open. This remedy has help so many people and their eyes has opened.Sometimes pastor also used it to open their spiritual eyes to become prophet.


Please don't be scared when your eyes opened, because this rituals will open your eyes in seven days.This remedy is natural and there is no harm or side effect, but please if you are afraid don't try it at all.

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