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Use this natural plant to protect yourself from bad spirits

Hello lovely people hope everyone is doing well, am back with another article again which talks about natural plant.

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Going for business meetings, interviews, sales, to the office etc, and you want power, success, love and protection from negative energy do this. 

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Ginger root 

Bay leaf

Put these in any white material which can be paper towel, white paper or handkerchief and keep it under your pillow overnight. 

The next morning take it out and in a bowl and pour your Full Moon water over it. 

Take your time and say whatever your desires are in the region of love, power, success and protection. 

After a few hours you can bath with the water, allow the bay leaf to dry and burn it. And keep the ginger root with you when you go out on a mission. 

The ginger root can be of any size or choice. 




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