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Take Note Of This Essential Rule And Apply It Always In Your State Of Emergence. [OPINION]

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Readers should kindly take note that this article is just an opinion and a “failsave" of the writer and does not necessarily mean it is the only option one can take.


It is not a surprise that about 95% of Ghanaian's especially the youth are afraid even at the mere sight of an officer of the law popularly known as police officers in the country.

This is due to the fact that some of these officer's always tend to intimidate some people who they think are panicky and use it to their unfortunate advantage. Well if you are among the 95% of people who fear the sight of police people then your fears end now.

In case you meet an officer of the law or one approaches you over any issue and you know you are truly innocent, first of all stay calm and answer any question you may be asked without sounding ignorant or insulting.

If the officer tries to overuse his authority, tell him you also know your rights and if he tends to use force, just tell him to take you to the office. If he refuses then tell him you have no issue with him.

Use this simple procedure and stay free of abusive police and police brutality. Thanks for reading.

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