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Ward Away Evil Spirit's, Attract Good Fortune And Cure HIV With Bonto Leaves, Prekese And More.

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The world we are living in are separated by two (2) realms, the physical realm and the spiritual realm. The physical realm is where we all are currently and here we can all see things with our two naked eyes.

The spiritual realm on other hand is a place where mystical beings live and these mystical beings include gods, witches and wizards, dwarves, jinns and more operate.

As the physical realm can be seen with your two eyes, the spiritual realm can only be seen with your third eye which is located between your eyes.

Before anything whether good or bad manifests in the physical realm, that thing had already taken place in the spiritual realm and is shows physically later on.

As we have good and bad people in the physical realm, we also have good and bad beings in the spiritual realm and these beings work on people both positively and negatively.

Today, I want to show my readers on how to treat spiritual ailments with Bonto leaves which is found in every household.

The bonto leaves can be used to treat Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) and also ward away evil spirit's who may try to harm you.

To treat HIV with the leaves, get some leaves of the bonto plant and boil with prekese. Drink for 6 months and see a doctor after. Continue taking it even if you test negative.

To ward away evil spirit's, plant the leaves all around your compound and water it 3 times every week. Never weed it out if it overgrows just trim it.

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Bonto Prekese And More


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