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Netizens in shock as a video of Slay queen hungrily swallowing full ball of banku hit the internet

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A video was sighted circulating on social media this morning of a slay queen who is seen hungrily swallowing full balls of banku and a chop bar.

Most slay queens exhibit ostentatious lifestyles which in real life they could hardly afford. Some pose with people's luxurious cars and magnificent houses on social media that are all shams.

The slay queen who is hungrily gulping the huge ball of banku down her throat depict the the slay queens who behind the scenes or off the social media platforms after their plush posts go hungry.

The only thing that will make a lady go to a chop bar or restaurant to order two balls of banku and just swallow the balls on two attempts is extreme hunger. Or perhaps, she wanted to show that a ball of bank is too small and does not worth its price.

The unusual behaviour exhibited by the slay queen at the chop did come to social media users as a shock and most of they did share their thought on it.

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