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Challenge Yourself For The Better

"Until one challenges oneself, one cannot leave one's comfort zone."

In life, greater height is expected to be achieved and standards ought to be set rightfully. But these expectations and achievements do not happen because there is an overstay in a place called the comfort zone. What shall bring about freedom from that zone is by challenging oneself. 

A comfort zone is not a place for expecting better, best or more in life. For no comfort zone shall bring one a new thing in life. For all that one wants to get has already been obtained. Even if it brings a different thing, it still possesses similar values and relevance of previous achievements. Sometimes one gains more but there is nothing reflecting the gain. This is because that zone is not delivering the satisfaction needed. Therefore when one challenges oneself, the expectations begin to come. The expectations that come are new with new ways of going about them, unlike the ones from the comfort zone with the usual ways of doing things.

Challenging oneself does not just come by itself. This is because one tries to beat who one is in life. Even if it involves challenging others, the challenge still commences from oneself first. One's abilities must be taken into consideration otherwise one might end up damaging oneself.The abilities are the extent of the things or values of one in life. Therefore there should be thoughts concerning the challenge as in what is right for one. Know that athletes have to beat themselves everyday just to beat others on a particular day. As such, the athletes place themselves in a position as opponents wnen training to overcome the actual opponent the day of competition.

One is healed of the comfort zone blindness when one challenges oneself. Sometimes the achievements arrive but they are nothing better in life. But when one challenges oneself, there is the realisation of a clear sight in one's life. This is because there was not any feeling or sight that one was in a comfort zone. For a comfort zone will not signal or give a revelation to the one in it since it is one's duty to challenge oneself. One is blind in the comfort zone because one does not challenge himself or herself such that it leads to the uncovering of the eyes for better vision in life. Not having a better vision is as a result of recognising the comfort zone as a place that does not require change or improvement. This affects the potential for improvement and advancement of situations in life because the opportunity to see what will yield better things in life has been prevented because of one living in a comfort zone.

Know that challenging oneself is not an easy thing to do because it has to be done everyday. That is why athletes train on many days just to beat their opponents on a particular day.

Raise your head up and always keep your eyes on the road of life

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