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Elizato-If your friend gives a helping, hand do not take the whole arm.

Thank you for clicking on this article to read something that will excite you.Hope you are fine by God's grace?. The greatest philosopher in Ghana as we all know is Elizato and also a good radio presenter. Elizato has made a nice statement to advise people who overuse people. He said, "If your friend gives you a helping hand does not take the whole".He continues people who are helped by others try to take advantage of that by overusing them.

Sometimes is very nice to get help from people if you are in trouble or you need help. Do not put all your burden on those who give you a helping hand. If you put all your burden on him it will reach a point he won't help you anymore. It is good for you to help others but make sure you are not being overused by other people. People giving you a helping hand doesn't mean make them suffer and take advantage of them. Others love helping friends but if you put all your burden on them you will make them suffer. So you have to limit the work you give to people when they try to help you. Anytime you want help from them they will be available for you.

A lot of people have shared their views and comment about this statement of Elizato. Based on the comment they made they agreed with him because you even regret providing a helping hand to others. Others views were that it is good to help people or provide helping hands to others. They continued by saying you have to limit the helping hand you give to others to be able to avoid unnecessary burdens. People sometimes make you regret helping them because of the type or kind of stress they will make you go through. So remember the statement " If your friend gives a helping hand, do not take the whole arm".

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