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Four Ways to Become Truly Fulfilled and Happy

1. Know yourself: In this era of modernisation and competition, a lot of people are tempted to seek happiness from what others recommend or approve of them as well as from only material possessions. However, to be truly happy you need to search deep within Yourself and discover the thoughts, desires and activities that brings you joy when you are engaged in them. Then pursue such things if they are legit and right before God and the society. Also know your strengths and talents and develop them. Never worry about your mistakes for everybody makes them. True self knowledge guides you to a purposeful life.

2. Have a vision: Have a dream and set a time limit during which you would achieve that dream. Let almost all your daily tasks revolve around it. Never live a purposeless life. A life without purpose is not worth living. At the close of the day ask yourself whether you have the things you have done have a bearing with your vision.

3. Be self motivated: Do not depend on others to make you happy. Do not base your fulfilment or happiness on the circumstances around you. Be happy that you are alive and can create opportunities to make life better. Believe that you have power within you to change things. Phil 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Affirm this in your life by saying it everyday. God in His divinity and love will start to work wonders in your life.

4. Love all, hate none: Have genuine interest and concern for people. Do not fake to love others. Remember the golden rule " Do unto others what you want them to do for you". Thing and speak good of others. The heart that loves will fill with every kind of blessing including joy and satisfaction. Do not envy, hate or think I'll of others. Support, encourage and celebrate with others according to the situation.

Thanks for reading. Above all apply them.

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