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Enjoy Your Day With These Funny Memes And Twitter Savage Reply

Laughter is said to be one of the best medicine in this world, why? not because it can cure all problems but because it can make a person with a problem healthy if they laugh. When one laughs, it brings happiness, and with happiness in mind and body, every problem might be solved.

That's why I've combined these funny memes to make you laugh and become happy throughout the day. Let's go;

1.This is me when my girlfriend asked me to look at her with straight eyes, please is my eyes, not straight?.

2. This is me when I want to confuse my fine-art teacher.

3. You can't understand sir.

4. Even if you are going to kill me, it can't be in front of a visitor.

5. I've been wondering, what my offense is since I saw this motivational post?

6. I can't even stand the look, how will I consume it? Anyway just wanted to tell you that I had four of this day before yesterday and I'm still at my house.

7. I, when I'm finally having that interview with the interviewer.

8. Please why is the dog chasing only me? Is it not because he saw me with his partner?

9. Do this but not with a jealous boyfriend. Anyway, I just want to help spice up the relationship.

10. Even with this, I still can't eat it.

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